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  • Consignment

Our consignment service is catered to businesses and individuals that want a full service solution for liquidating their property with a goal of higher returns versus expediency. This is the service which built our brand and has developed relationships with clients that typically exceed the length of our standard contracts.

  • Buyout

Residential and commercial clients that need their inventory moved expeditiously are most benefitted by our buyout service. Time sensitive removal or property is a constraint with which we are familiar, from full estates in homes that are pending purchase to businesses closing or moving. sssence solutions purchases all the contents for a predetermined price and takes possession within two weeks.

  • Estate Sale

Our estate sale services are unique from other companies and set us apart from competitors. Most other companies keep their calendars full, which requires focus on each estate to be short term. Sssence solutions specializes in taking the time to ensure our clients get the most money out of their property, which includes marketing merchandise beyond the confines of an onsite estate sale. We also ensure that any remaining goods not considered sellable are recycled and/or upcycled into the proper streams.

Want to know more? Click the link below to see a sample of our contract terms. Feel free to call or email us with any questions.
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