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Our name embodies so many things. The first and most obvious is our name: Solutions.  Our business, which started in 2012, was born from the necessity of providing a solution for people needing to resolve estate possessions, clear out homes or businesses or simply turn unneeded items into cash. We have evolved and grown into a full service company, offering start to finish estate resolutions but so much more!    We offer pickup/delivery/packing/shipping and even minor repairs on some items that you want and need to sell. We use various sales platforms,  offering a 365 day contract that allows us the time to obtain the right buyer and maximize your profit, while items are housed in our 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse. And because it is important to us and our planet, we upcycle and recycle at every opportunity!


As for the sss in our name? Well, that can represent Superior Service-Satisfaction-Sales-Simplicity, take your pick. But in essence, we offer all of these things. Solutions. 



Do you provide international delivery?

At this time we only ship internationally through our eBay account on items listed on eBay


Can I pick up my purchases?

Yes, we have local pickup options in Springfield, MO


What is your return policy? How do I make a return?

We offer returns within 30 days of item receipt if the item is purchased online. If an item is purchased with local pickup we offer return within 7 days. 

To make a return for an online order, send us an email here with your name/email/phone/order # and we will provide return instructions. To make a return for a local pickup order please call us at 417.812.5420

Do you offer appraisals on items/estates?

We do not offer professional appraisals for items/estates. Rather we will preview items/estates and advise whether it is a project to which we can offer a solution

How does your estate sale process work?

For a full accounting of our processes please send us an email here and we will schedule a phone call


How often do you get new items? Is there a way to find our about new arrivals?

We receive new inventory weekly. This inventory is added to our webshop as quickly as possible. In order to find our about new arrivals, make sure to join our email list

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